Staying alive. It's not just a song and dance for a rural, stand-alone hospital. Every dollar counts, and a revenue boost gained from enlisting government payers is helping this one to thrive.

Dropcaphis 49-bed rural, county-owned hospital is 90 miles in all directions from the nearest large hospitals. It's vital to the area that the hospital provides quality care and continues to serve the community.

The Background

This hospital is the only one in a large, two-county area. A third of the state's adult residents are uninsured, and 21% of the town's citizens live below the Federal Poverty Level. Recently the hospital adopted organizational goals that include a rigorous financial pillar: "To maintain financial soundness at all times and to provide cost-effective care to the community."

The Challenge

The business office had worked hard for years to collect government benefits for self-pay accounts. But increasing time commitments to meet expanding regulations was taking the small staff away from working with the patients on agency applications and follow-up.

The Response

The CFO asked The MASH Program to put one of its professional public benefits advocates on-site and to take over the hospital's eligibility work — and to hurry up about it. Bringing in MASH technology and her own years of experience in the public sector, the MASH advocate works with uninsured patients so that the business office staff can concentrate on other pressing responsibilities.

The hospital asked The MASH Program to look at its eligibility needs again. Because MASH had other hospitals in the area, a team of MASH professionals was immediately available to return to the hospital – at the same contingency rate as seven months previously. A new contract was written, and the MASH team slipped seamlessly back into the hospital's system.

The Results

Less than a year after starting work for the hospital in 2011, The MASH Program was responsible for reimbursements of over a quarter of a million dollars for the hospital's self-pay accounts.

Growth Chart