MASH certifies 52% more hospital charges in head-to-head vendor comparison

Dropcap650-bed major teaching hospital funded by taxpayer dollars splits the referral alphabet between The MASH Program and another national eligibility company. It's not much of a contest.

The Background

This Southwestern hospital with a Level I Trauma Center hired The MASH Program in 1995. In keeping with its particular government mandate, the hospital has also had several other national eligibility vendors which have come and gone, splitting referrals with MASH. We know what MASH has produced for this hospital: nearly $41 million in reimbursements.

The Challenge

Nearly a quarter of the state's residents are uninsured. This hospital treats not only insured and uninsured state residents, but patients from other states and other countries are also admitted for its outstanding treatment and its cutting-edge clinical trials. Hospital financial counselors pick up most of the easier-certified mom-and-babe Medicaid cases.

The Response

MASH fields an experienced team of professionals who work the federal disability cases, which are the majority of accounts referred to us. Our company and the other eligibility firm were recently compared by the hospital on our results for FY 2008.

The Results

Vendor Comparison Chart