The MASH Program

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A wellness program for your bottom line


MASH professionals — on the front lines with your patients — have over 1000 years of agency and hospital experience. They share MASH’s commitment to serving the disadvantaged.

Our expertise and experience are focused on your patients, from the simplest mom- and-baby cases to the most complicated disability cases requiring multiple hearings.


Determining the superiority of one vendor over another can be difficult. But in eligibility, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re capturing the maximum revenue you need to keep your hospital serving the community.

MASH has the highest certification rates in the eligibility arena, and we’ve repeatedly proven this fact through head-to-head, apples-to-apples comparisons in hospitals like yours.

Don’t rely on a vendor’s success rates — based on how many of your referrals that vendor accepts. MASH recommends that you document certification rates — how many of the dollars you refer are being certified. It’s the hospital-friendly way to compare eligibility services.

MASH services benefit healthcare providers in many ways including:

Created with a CORE VALUE of ASSISTING the disadvantaged.