The MASH Program

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Our professionals' EXPERIENCE MEANS BETTER OUTCOMES for you and your patients.

MASH’s solid reputation is a direct result of our ability to provide a team of well-qualified and well-trained professionals with over 1000 years of collective experience in government social services agencies, hospitals, and insurance.

Our professionals’ government agency experience includes:

These highly-experienced, well-paid advocates deliver personal service to each patient family, creating an environment of quality and superior customer service. By employing a higher level of proficient staff, our employee turnover rates are lower than other vendors who may provide minimum wage staff in order to maintain low overhead expenses and to offer lower contingency rates.

MASH has a continuous, comprehensive training and certification program for all employees. As our advocates advance on MASH’s career ladder, they are required to continue to train and to work toward and maintain MASH certification in the various benefits programs.

Because of The MASH Program’s reputation with government benefits agencies for submitting viable, thoroughly-documented claims, submissions by the company’s advocates are handled expeditiously, making revenue recovery faster. MASH designed this focused professional advocacy approach to ensure that agency personnel have everything needed to award benefits at the initial application. This ultimately reduces the number of cases we must appeal.