The MASH Program

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Because it is the shared mission of MASH and its customers to assist their patients in every way possible, we will treat your patients with respect and kindness.

MASH advocates will never refer clients to the Department of Human Services or to the Social Security Administration — or to any other agencies – to file on their own. Likewise, MASH advocates do not hand out applications for patients to complete by themselves, nor do our advocates give them an agency’s 800 number to call. In fact, one of the key differentiators between MASH and its many competitors is this active advocacy in which we take the burden of application processing out of the patient’s hands.

The complex application process is intimidating and time-consuming, especially for a patient undergoing treatment. It is our professional’s responsibility — not that of the patient or his or her family — to secure the proper financial and medical documentation to thoroughly develop the case.

Our commitment to helping disadvantaged patients to receive the medical benefits due them is widely known throughout American healthcare. It is noteworthy that the National Association of Disability Examiners (NADE), the national professional organization for disability adjudicators, acknowledged the MASH commitment to providing quality service when it awarded MASH its first Corporate Appreciation Award. NADE presented this award to MASH for its “...continued support of disability professionals and disabled individuals.” MASH continues to actively participate in NADE’s training conferences at both regional and national levels.