The MASH Program

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There’s an old business maxim we agree with: “Companies aren’t the best because they’ve been around a long time. They’ve been in business a long time because they’re the best.” Since 1988, MASH has worked with hospitals, healthcare systems, physician practices, nursing homes and cancer treatment centers, helping uninsured and underinsured patients to obtain Medicaid, Social Security disability, and other government medical benefits.

One of the first eligibility companies in America, Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare, Inc. was founded by James K. Hopps, the former head of the regional hospital and healthcare practice in the Dallas office of the national law firm of Fulbright and Jaworski. He was determined to aid the homeless people he saw on the streets of downtown Dallas as they tried to access the healthcare system. MASH’s focus, from the very start, has been on assisting the disadvantaged as they seek healthcare, and to help the institutions that care for them to recover the cost of that care. Our corporate culture, every training class, training manual, and employee communication focuses on the patients we serve. From the first day of its existence to the present, MASH services have been known as “patient advocacy.”

After 1988, other companies also began performing eligibility services for healthcare providers. Each had a different business model. MASH put its intellectual capital at the patients’ bedsides in hospitals, deploying agency veterans as advocates to determine eligibility probability on the spot, and then to work those cases all the way through the appeals process if necessary.

All these years after our founding, we’re still here, because we have a mission. All our business interests revolve around our mission:

MASH mission statement: Using integrity, proven experience, and commitment to professionalism, we provide the best advocacy services and improve the quality of lives in the communities we touch.