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Success Rates: How do you compare apples to apples?

There are many eligibility companies in the marketplace — and just about as many methods of reporting success rates. Many eligibility companies still revert back to a unit of measure more vendor-friendly than hospital-friendly, counting certifications only on the accounts they accepted, rather than the gross number of accounts or dollars the hospital referred.

There is another formula that can be used across the board to compare vendors, based on the actual dollars the hospital has at risk. It's a standardized formula to give a true picture of a company’s success rates. With it, you can compare eligibility vendors by utilizing gross dollar conversion rates as a measuring tool.

The score is calculated by dividing the dollars the vendor certifies by the gross dollars referred by the hospital. Vendors should achieve at least a 30% certification rate to be deemed “good vendors.” Call us for our certification rates; you’ll be impressed.

MASH is successful in obtaining approvals at the initial claim level for over 50 percent of federal cases accepted and filed. This percentage compares favorably to the approximately 30 percent overall approvals nationally at the initial application level for all disability claims processed by the Social Security Administration.

There are also a number of ways to gauge MASH’s effectiveness in winning appealed cases. One measure is our results at the Office of Hearings and Appeals-Social Security Administration. Successful representation of clients at such hearings requires extensive research, documentation, legal briefing and cross examination skills, coupled with a thorough knowledge of Social Security laws and regulations on medical, vocational and financial issues. Our trained hearings specialists win more than 90 percent of the cases we take to this level of appeal.