The MASH Program

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We’ll communicate with Your ED and Outpatients … in multiple languages.

Our advocacy services for outpatients and Emergency Department patients require a different approach from inpatient services. It takes creativity to locate and screen those patients.

That’s why MASH created its OPERA (Outpatient/ER Advocacy) Call Center, located in Houston, Texas. Once patients have been screened, OPERA’s multilingual callers transmit potentially eligible accounts back to MASH advocates working for each provider.

The call center speeds the processing time on your accounts by locating patients faster, resulting in quicker reimbursements for potentially eligible accounts. And our quick turnaround on ineligible accounts supports your decision on which accounts to place in early-out.

Equipped with sophisticated electronic tools, the OPERA Center fields 13,000 calls each month, sends out over 17,000 letters monthly, serves healthcare providers in multiple time zones, and operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturdays.

Every OPERA Center caller is bilingual in English and Spanish. French, German, Italian and Navajo are also spoken by current MASH staff, and MASH can arrange for translators for any language needed by our advocates as they work with patients.