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PatientMatters of Orlando Acquires The MASH Program | July 2012

Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare, Inc. — The MASH Program — has represented quality in healthcare eligibility services for 25 years. We are pleased to announce that MASH has been acquired by PatientMatters LLC, a Century Capital- backed company. PatientMatters is located in Orlando, Florida. Built on outstanding service and sophisticated technology, PatientMatters LLC is a newly-formed company focused on assisting patients as they manage their healthcare financial obligations.

PatientMatters is the first organization in the healthcare industry to align the patient intake process with obtaining government services for patients to improve the financial outcomes for both hospital and patient.

Here’s what PatientMatters CEO Sheila Schweitzer says about the selection of MASH as a partner: “PatientMatters is all about the receivables that reside in the hands of the patients. Because hospitals are dealing with such large numbers of uninsured patients, we wanted to include in our offerings an organization that specializes in connecting patients to public medical benefits. After due diligence across the industry, we selected The MASH Program, first because of its mission and culture, treating each patient with dignity and respect; and second, because of its strong technological underpinnings. I am extremely proud to have MASH under the PatientMatters umbrella.”

The acquisition aligns MASH with PatientMatters’ wholly-owned subsidiary Kramer Technologies, also headquartered in Orlando. Kramer is a leader in supplying patient access technology to healthcare providers.

How will this change affect our customer hospitals? It’s all positive, as MASH becomes even more robust in its ability to bring additional offerings and speedier knowledge on the status of each patient’s access to programs. Each facility’s MASH advocates and operations manager will stay right where they are. MASH services will remain thorough and dedicated to getting the hospital’s uninsured accounts covered. Our corporate team is staying together.

David Shelton, MASH’s longtime Operations Vice President and PatientMatters’ newly-named Chief Operating Officer, says, “You can tell that we’re excited about this transition at The MASH Program. MASH has been successful for 25 years because of our people, and we believe that our customers will benefit as we’ve added this new level of muscle through PatientMatters LLC.”

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